Goodbyes suck

Goodbyes suck. I’ll never understand why in the English language out of all phonetics we could have chosen, we choose good-bye. As if the best thing we could do is part. No wonder the English are known to only show affection to dogs and horses!

Cue the violins- I’ve never really been close to my family. I tend to keep to myself. I became independent at a young age. At 16 I moved in with my boyfriend and as anyone could imagine that was an explosive mess of hormones and bad decisions. But it was my explosive mess and my bad decisions that I wouldn’t change for anything. Unfortunately after 9 years of fights and trying to forgive, it became hard to show vulnerability. I’m so used to being accused of doing something wrong and have all of my mistakes thrown at me that I’ve never been able to let people in…

Bring on the percussion ! -Well here in Croatia I met multiple people that were easy to let in. It was drama, judgement and anger free. They showed affection by asking about me, talking to me, checking in on how I am. I’ve never seen people treat each other like that. I do have good friends that I’ve grown up with, but where I grew up, socially everyone tends to have a selfish motive behind conversation. There is a lot of judgement and yes the occasional backstabbing. But here in Croatia, with these people I was lucky enough to find myself surrounded with, it was completely motive free. Pure of heart. Just friendly. They helped teach me vulnerability. They helped me learn that it’s okay to let others in; that sometimes people show that they care just because they really do care. After a heartbreak last year I’m still finding my footing and confidence. I never thought I’d find it through friendship in a country across the sea.

Next stop- Zagreb

A boat ride and a 5 hours bus away from my lovely island and I was back in a city. Zagreb, the capital. Still with the guy I’ve been seeing, we got an apartment for a few weeks. He had planned to have us stay at his moms, but mummy wouldn’t hear of it. ” Hey mom, I’m bringing a girl home for the next couple of weeks, nah not my gf, just some girl.” I totally understand her ‘No’ . Legit. Way to make me sound like your little whore dude.

We visited friends, went shopping, to restos, the whole shebang. I wasn’t expecting the lovely little Christmas villages everywhere. Zagreb was voted #1 Christmas decorated (Advent) city in all of Europe. You walk through the twinkling lights of Advent, drink hot wine, eat sausage and doughnuts. Super cute. Spent 2 weeks indulging and visiting around and then it was time for goodbye.

Croatia Croatia


Wassap all?! Been a while!

Starting out as a tourist, one of many, during the season on the island of Hvar was a good time. The beach, the sun, boat trips, people and all the partying makes for a pretty epic vacay. Well 2 days turned to 3, 3 turned into a week and next thing I knew I was working there. I guess I should specify “working”. My job consisted of checking guests in then keeping the energy up and vibe going. Basically get drunk and show ’em a good time. Uuhhh sure! So spent a few weeks getting my party on then the tourists started to trickle until there weren’t any left. The hostels all closed and so did the bars and restos! Who knew an entire island shuts down for winter season!? Not me. Getting to know locals does have its advantages 😉 once all the tourists left, the island became so peaceful. I went from being one of many travellers to the only one. All of the locals know each other  and soon enough I was basically one of them. Couple of weeks of walks and coffee does make one antsy though. So my friend finished up his work and off to the main land we went….