Next stop- Zagreb

A boat ride and a 5 hours bus away from my lovely island and I was back in a city. Zagreb, the capital. Still with the guy I’ve been seeing, we got an apartment for a few weeks. He had planned to have us stay at his moms, but mummy wouldn’t hear of it. ” Hey mom, I’m bringing a girl home for the next couple of weeks, nah not my gf, just some girl.” I totally understand her ‘No’ . Legit. Way to make me sound like your little whore dude.

We visited friends, went shopping, to restos, the whole shebang. I wasn’t expecting the lovely little Christmas villages everywhere. Zagreb was voted #1 Christmas decorated (Advent) city in all of Europe. You walk through the twinkling lights of Advent, drink hot wine, eat sausage and doughnuts. Super cute. Spent 2 weeks indulging and visiting around and then it was time for goodbye.

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